Established in 1969

Fans of Space Food Sticks rejoice! The chewy energy snacks that NASA sent to the moon in the 1960s and 1970s have been relaunched in recreational and medical Colorado dispensaries. With an extra bit of rocket fuel, cannabis-infused Space Food Sticks are guaranteed to provide lift-off for your inner astronaut.

Bite into a delicious cylindrically-shaped Space Food Stick and enjoy four grams of yummy protein. Our enhanced formulation provides 79 calories of gluten-free, vegetarian snacking. A dose of tasty chocolate guarantees a smooth blast off and gentle landing.

The perfect in-between meal snack – “the original astro-snack” devised for the U.S. Space Program. These are the legendary Sticks that delivered back-up nutrition on the Apollo Moon Landings and Skylab missions. A forerunner of energy bars, Space Food Sticks were promoted as part of NASA’s efforts to recreate safe, healthy, and nutritional space food.

A living monument to human achievement the new Space Food Sticks represents the revival of “the original buzz.” A bold new era has begun! With golden visions of the dawning of a new space era, we invite you to revisit the glory days of the past while welcoming the future of cannabis edibles.

Fun Facts

A modified version of Space Food Sticks went to the moon on Apollo 11, Apollo 12, and Apollo 15. Used as contingency food should astronauts remain confined within their pressure suits, they were velcroed onto the astronauts’ helmets for easy reach. In 1973, another modified version of the Sticks appeared on the menu on Skylab 3.

“Space Food Sticks are one of the all-time coolest spin-offs from the space program,” says Eric Lefcowitz, president of the Space Foods Sticks Preservation Society. This (1969) was the first time that civilians got to eat the food of the gods and, back then, the gods were astronauts. Over the years Space Food Sticks have emerged as pop culture icons from the glory days of the moon landings. They have been referenced on “The Simpsons” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the books of R.L. Stine, and the film “Super Eight.”

The original Space Food Sticks were described as a “non-frozen balanced energy snack in rod form containing nutritionally balanced amounts of carbohydrate, fat and protein.” They came in several flavors including caramel, chocolate, malt, mint, orange and peanut butter.

To ensure Space Food Sticks were safe for space travel, the scientists at Pillsbury, NASA, and the U.S. Army Laboratories, led by Pillsbury microbiologist Howard Bauman, developed pioneering hazard-analysis measures. This lead to the creation of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HAACP) system of quality control now used around the world for food safety. The Space Food Sticks Preservation Society was founded in 2001 on The mission was to see the cult snack restored to glory. Over 1000 people wrote into the website contributing memories associated with the beloved snack from their youth.
Disclaimer: THC-infused Space Food Sticks are the intellectual property of Retrofuture Products LLC and bear no association in any manner with the Pillsbury Corporation.



Pillsbury launches Space Food Sticks on the eve of the Apollo 11 moon landings. It all started with Howard Bauman of Pillsbury through a government contract where he was motivated to make a snack for the Apollo 11 Moon landing astronauts.


Apollo 13 mission includes Space Food Sticks.


SkyLab 3 includes Space Food Sticks.


Retrofuture Products establishes the Space Food Sticks Preservation Society.


Retrofuture Products releases two flavors of Space Food Sticks – Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. Available at the Kennedy Space Center, Disneyworld, Urban Outfitters, CostPlus World Market, and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.


The first trademarked, legacy brand to enter the cannabis marketplace in California on July 20th – the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landings. Trademark applications have been filed in every adult-use, legal state in the United States. A Canadian trademark application is also currently pending.


Cannabis Infused Space Food Sticks launches in Colorado with two flavors – Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.